In happier times...

In happier times...
Thinkin of you

Monday, May 12, 2008

Starting at the end

The purpose of this blog is to try to educate those who choose to dine in public and the proper way to do so. And for my first entry I'll focus on the sensitive subject of tipping or,(as we in the business like to call it), "pay". Imagine having a bad day at work and your boss comes up to you and says "Hey, today I'm not going to pay you." That's what it's like to get a lousy tip or no tip at all. So if you have an issue, allow us the chance to make it better, and if you can't be made happy, then just don't over-tip. 15% is standard in this country for food service, anything less is like stealng service from the server. SO...If you can't afford to pay for the service then you really can't afford to eat out. The tip is part and parcel of dining in public. Consider your actions and if you feel you shouldn't have to tip, then eat in one of the many choices you have that don't require tipping. You have no shortage of options. And please don't think that the "verbal tip" works. If you tell a waiter that he/she did "great", show it in the tip. Nothing bothers us more than working, being told we did well, but still only receiving only 15%. We're not working hard because we love you...we do it for the money, just like any other worker. Short of saying you're ugly or fat or stupid, a server deserves to be paid. And in the cases where these adjectives are accurate, a tip still applies...Think about it. And if you are not sure if you should leave that extra dollar, leave that other dollar, It's just a buck. And you could probably use the good Karma after all, right? Ciao

Camping without tents

What a lot of people don't know and obviously can't figure out is that servers only get a certain number of tables in a section. Usually 3-5 tables. Attending to these tables is the way he/she makes money. The more often a server can 'turn' the table, the more money he/she can make on that shift. Except when someone won't get up and turn the table. That's not to say you should stuff it down and high-tail it to your next gig, however consider the fact that the longer you take up that seat, the less money your sever will make on that table. We want you to be comfortable and relaxed but if your going to reduce our income by 'camping out' in our section, please consider tipping accordingly. If you plan on staying for twice as long as the ordinary lunch/dinner customer maybe you should tip twice as much. Chances the server will have to fill your water or coffee or whatever several times, none of which will increase the bill so much as a penny. Those that have reunions with friends you haven't seen in 20 years, or have that meeting with a client or colleague, staying for hours and then some and then leaving a tip that wouldn't pay for a gallon of gas is just plain inconsiderate, and not to mention cheap...
So, if your not going to pay for the time you spend with me, then don't spend so much time with me. Camping is for the boy scouts.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Don't get me started!

Oh! Well, there you go. You went and got me started. Well, too bad for you, but good for those who care to hear the rants of a typical student/waiter/model with an opinion on lots of things that you didn't even know you cared about. Warning to all: I offer no apologies to those who are insulted by the contents herein. If you see yourself in any of my postings then maybe you should reconsider your actions, as they most definitely affect others, and not in a good way. Keep an eye out for future rants, (a.k.a. postings) as I don't see things getting any better any time soon...PEACE!!!